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The Community of Macon County

BACH Real Estate Investment Group is located in Mt. Zion, IL, and offers many investment opportunities in its neighboring town of Decatur IL. These two towns are located in Macon County which consists of multiple villages, and larger towns like Mt. Zion and Decatur. When you invest with BACH you are not only investing in real estate, but investing into a community that is in need of quality, affordable housing. The availability of housing BACH has funded in this small town area has made a huge impact on the community.

Macon County History

Macon County is home to an estimated 110,768  people, including Derrick and Carmen Bradshaw, two of BACHs founding members. The biggest town in Macon County is Decatur. Decatur was first settled in 1820 and has a rich agricultural and historical background. In fact, Abraham Lincoln lived very near to Decatur for a year! He was also endorsed as a candidate for the presidency of the United States in Decatur, IL. In 1854 upon the arrival of the railroad, the area became more industrial in nature. Over the years, Decatur has become known as the “Soybean Capital of the World.” 

The Sad Truth

All largely populated areas, whether 100,000 to 100,000,000, come with its own set of less desirable qualities. These could include raised crime rates, a constant need for affordable housing, and poverty. These issues are more visible to all in the smaller areas like Macon County. This is one of the reasons BACH has spent so much time, money and effort investing into this area. 

Derrick’s Experience

Many people grow a fondness for their hometowns, and this was the case for Derrick Bradshaw. No one likes to see where they grew up become a run down area. Sadly this was the case for Derrick. He started investing in real estate at the young age of 18, and has since greatly impacted the community, not only with private investments but with the creation of BACH. BACH was founded not only to create an easier way for people to invest into real estate, but to be a proactive community support. In fact, BACH is currently investing in a home occupied by an elderly woman. We decided to make this investment because we did not want someone else buying her home and raising her rent or possibly evicting her.

Benefits of Affordable Housing

Since BACHs founding, we now have over 50 properties and are funding sustainable, quality, affordable housing for those residing in Macon County. The benefits affordable housing provides to an area are numerous. For starters, affordable housing greatly impacts the children of the area. It is proven that a stable place to call home gives children the opportunity to build a stronger future for themselves and promotes happier households. Affordable housing also helps build more sustainable communities. More available homes means less overcrowding, more businesses and jobs, and it encourages social connections. The benefits of offering affordable housing to a community are incredibly positive and really do make a change. 

As you can see, BACH is working very hard to be a positive force in the Decatur and Macon County area. With that being said, when you invest in homes with BACH you can know that you are impacting a community in more ways than you may have realized. The opportunities you are helping create for many individuals and families are making a real difference,  and that is something to be very proud of. 

If you are not currently an investor with BACH Real Estate Investment Group and are interested please contact us here, we cannot wait to hear from you!