BACH Real Estate Investment Group


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Our investors have been investing in real estate separately for over 20 years, but the group was formed in 1999.

Each property is kept separate so investors can decide on a case by case basis which investments they like.  The range is 10%-20%.  Some investors like a specific number of bedrooms, etc.

The minimum investment is $1,000 and the max investment is 10% of the total expected investment cost for the first 7 days.  After that investors can invest as much as they want.

We use google drive to store all LLC data for each property.  Bank statements, rent collected, and all other data is stored in this location in real time.

Our eviction rate is .5% (out of the 50 properties that we manage). No investor likes evictions, nor do we. However, this is a risk of owning rental property. 


We currently have 3 tenants because of COVID that have not paid.  Prior to COVID our eviction rate was less than that.

Once the tenant is 5 days late, we provide a 5 day notice and start eviction by end of that month.  This process takes up to 30-60 days.

BACH has no employees and thus there is no overhead costs associated with management.  We all pitch in to help with all aspects of the business.  10% of the rents are set aside for property management to handle the day to day issues with tenants.   5% is set aside for booking keeping and we have a CPA that handles the taxes at the end of the year.

No.  Since we do not sell other properties, a real estate license is not required.  We are a group of investors that enter into a partnership on a per property basis.   We empower the investors to be more involved and help partner with us for long term growth for the whole group.


We are currently located in Decatur, IL. with plans to expand into other markets. We do recognize that as our group continues to grow, Decatur’s market may not be able to hold this demand. At some point, we will explore additional markets for other great rental property opportunities. These new markets will have to deliver the same quality homes, rental rates, and returns our investors have come to expect.


In addition to the Illinois market, we are starting to root in Colorado and Florida as well.

As of June 2021, we manage 50 properties.

Investors are paid once a year with K-1.  This is a passive K-1 passthrough so depreciation is also provided inside your K-1

We do have out of state investors.  We also have international investors.   This is how growth in other locations are planned.  These out of state investors can invest with us here and then all members will get to invest in the new area we set up near them.