Gutters protected with gutter guards

Gutter Guards – The Smarter Way

Do you find yourself dreading getting on your roof multiple times in a year, risking your safety to clean your gutters because once again they are full of debris, and NOT draining properly? We have all been there! This is unfortunately routine maintenance to any and every home. But what if there was a solution that  prevents using time and money. Or even a possible hospital stay to keep your home safe from damage due to gutter debris? BACH Real Estate is done living in the past of frequent gutter maintenance and has moved on to the more favorable use of gutter guards. BACH Real Estate has  implemented using gutter guards on all of our properties to increase the  structural longevity of our homes, and decrease resources spent on cleaning gutters.  

All homes come with many features that  prolong the home from elemental damage. One very important feature to any home is a well maintained gutter system. Gutters are a trough fixed beneath the roof of the home that channels water away from the home. Gutters are important because they prevent water  damage and erosion to a home’s roof, foundation and other features of a home. Since gutters are open to the elements they naturally accumulate debris such as sticks, leaves and dirt.  Gutters are also very susceptible to infestation of small animals such as birds and mice. In fact, did you know that a gutter full of debris is actually a fire hazard to a home? All it takes is a small ember from your neighbors grill to set the debris in your gutter on fire. When there is build up of debris in the gutters and downspouts  the effectiveness of the gutter system is compromised, leaving the home more likely to suffer damage. This is why at BACH Real Estate we decided that these consequences were not a risk we were willing to take. 

In 1891, Smith and Slaymaker engineered gutter guards so they would be able to increase the overall effectiveness of gutters.  This idea ended up working so well that gutter guards have been adapted and improved to the point of being a crucial part to any home. The gutter guard is a piece of hardware that is installed on the top of the gutter to stop the build up of debris. These guards effectively increase the productiveness of gutter systems by reducing build up of debris. Eliminating nesting grounds for small animals and potential for home fires, and help your gutters last longer!  Gutter guards not only prevent debris, but they also relieve the need for you to routinely clean your gutters. Gutter guards are an essential finishing touch to any roof!

 For these reasons, BACH Real Estate installs gutter guards on ALL of our properties. We see the importance behind little details, and we ensure our properties benefit from them. Gutter guards are just a small part of the high standards BACH Real Estate sets for our properties.  We used this strategy on our pilot property back in 2019 that has returned 21.5% and will also plan of action on our most recent property put under contract this past weekend.