BACH Real Estate Investment Group

How To Start Investing With BACH


Potential investment properties are communicated to our members via private Facebook group and email. Members then visit our potential investment portal and pledge funds if/when the property goes to contract. Members are provided a video walk through, property photos, and summary investment data provided in a Google worksheet. Once the property goes to contract instructions are provided on how to fund your partnership.

Each investment has a separate google drive which holds bank statements, rent payments, legal documents and/or any other items associated with that property/LLC. You get to track all this data in real time as the office provides updates. You are also a partner, so the office is there to support you just like all other members. This gives you the ability to be as passive or active as you like.
Once taxes are filed for each property then a disbursement is done. These typically are available around February or March of each year for the previous year.

In today’s economy, many people are uncertain where to invest their money for retirement or just to make it grow. BACH, a real estate investment group, has proven to be a reliable and safe place to invest your money with consistent double-digit returns. Better yet, the ease of use of the platform makes it super simple and easy to understand what property you’re investing in and what the expected return will be each and every time!

Why invest with BACH Investment Group

Competitive Returns

Our cumulative annualized net return has averaged 11.8%

Low Investment

You can be a part of a real estate purchase starting at $1,000 minimum investment.


Diversify your investment portfolio with multiple property types.

No Operational Responsibility

BACH assumes all operational responsibility for the property, so you can sit back and relax.