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Real estate investing is better when collaborating with other investors – Less Risk. More Profit.

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Why Invest with BACH Investment Group

Competitive Returns

Our cumulative annualized net return has averaged 11.8%

Portfolio Diversity

Diversify your investment portfolio with multiple property types

Low Investment Level

You can be a part of a real estate purchase starting at $1,000 minimum investment.

No Operational Responsibility

BACH assumes all operational responsibility for the property, so you can sit back and relax.

Knowledge is Power

It’s ideal to find a Real Estate Investment Group with likeminded members. Here are some questions to ask while doing your due diligence in searching for the best real estate investment group for you. We will go first and tell you how we operate. If there is something we didn't cover, don't be shy...ask away!

The goal for our real estate group is to produce long-term passive income.  Because of the nature in which our group is created, each invested property can vote, by the investors, on issues that govern that investment.   So, it is possible to sell a property if a large equity gain is foreseeable.   This can also be done simultaneously as another different investment needs funding.

Distributions are forced each year after tax filing.  When this is done depends on the state in which those investments are deployed, but generally, payments are made at the end of February each year for the previous year’s profits.  We force distribution so that each investor can then choose which new properties to invest in or to use the money for living expenses.

Once again, the amazing system BACH created also fixes this question.  Instead of relying on a fund or REIT to align with their risk tolerance investors simply do or do not invest in property based on risk tolerance.  Some investors are happy with over 10% return while others might be more selective.  Some investors like smaller homes to avoid the wear and tear of larger families.  As part of the group, you as an investor will review and commit to only the investments you wish. Furthermore, the profits each year are not reinvested but distributed and you are allowed to reinvest.

Funds are owned in the form of certificates to the LLC.   Those certificates have a value of $1,000 when the property is deployed.  A 100k home would consist of 100 shares each at $1,000.   The operating agreement states you must give your fellow partners the right of first refusal.   If they all refuse, you can approach other group members or anyone willing to purchase your investment.

There are no time commitments or member responsibilities other than what you wish to do.  Some members help find properties, audit records, communicate with the office to help, etc.    Over the time our group has been formed many of us members have formed close friendships.   We often end up investing in non-real estate adventures together.   Since all activity is piped through a centralized office, which is run and operated by members, it is very easy for any member to do as little as or much as they want.  When we do hire people or expand into new territory, we prefer to hire within the group.

This question is very much a continuation of the previous questions.   Our member base, and acceptance of new members, cover the entire spectrum of real estate knowledge.  We feel that with a diverse collection of members, our group is at its strongest.

The minimum to invest is the cost of 1 certificate, $1,000.  We also have an unspoken rule that we members like to follow.  To allow all members an equal chance to invest, we limit our pledges during the first 7 days to only 10% of the investment.   We normally have about 15 members per property, so this gives you an idea of how generous and courteous the members are to each other.  We are all in this together to earn some great income on our money.    However, the friendship formed out of this group has an unplaced value.

There are no dues to join the group.   The only thing we ask is that you don’t solicit members.  Watch our investment strategy and operations.  If you ever decide to invest, we suggest starting small, purchasing one certificate, and seeing how the process works.  Perhaps you will decide you are interested in being a founding member of a BACH branch in your area.    You can experience the life of a real estate investor without going at it alone.

Simplifying the real estate investment process for our group partners.

BACH Real Estate Investment Group generates investment returns that regularly outperform similar wealth building platforms. To get started simply request our portfolio below. A member of our group will be in touch so we can better understand your investment strategies and goals.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing

BACH is focused on real estate investing for our partners providing wealth generation through multi-step processes – analysis, investor purchase, restoration & development, leasing, and property management.

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