BACH Real Estate Investment Group

Our Story

BACH Real Estate Investment Group, formed in 1999, is focused on real estate investing for individual partners providing wealth generation through multi-step processes – analysis, investor purchase, restoration & development, leasing, and property management. The founding members truly believe that growth through partnership is the most rewarding way to grow a business. So they sat out to create a system that could scale and grow with this in mind.

We communicate with our group partners to grow a long term dividend yield.  All members are encouraged to bring properties into the group for discussion if they think those units would make good investments.

BACH operates under an IL Series LLC. This allows us to create sub LLC’s for each property where people can pool resources together on a house by house basis for investment. The property is put under the umbrella of an operating agreement. Each property yields its own return and partners can pick which properties they wish to invest in.

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