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Portfolio Building with BACH

What is an Investment Portfolio?

Whether you are new to investing, or a seasoned investor, you have most likely heard of an investment portfolio. As you may know, an investment portfolio is a collection of financial investments like stocks, bonds, cash and commodities. But what you may not know is that the key to a well maintained, successful investment portfolio is diversification. Diversifying a portfolio allows you to reduce risk by investing in a wide variety of investments. These investments could be real estate, healthcare, technology and any other interests you might have. The options are endless. By diversifying your portfolio, you reduce your risk by ensuring that you are not over investing in one area or underinvesting in another. To put it simply, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Ultimately, the goal of building and diversifying your investment portfolio is to reduce risk and, in the end, meet your goals, (profit), as an investor.

The Benefits of BACH

There are a lot of different aspects that go into choosing how you want to diversify your investment portfolio. It is very common for investors to expand their investments into real estate, due to its potential high rate of return. As well as it’s known market stability.  But real estate investing has the tendency to seem daunting, and hard to get a good start in. This is why the founders of BACH Real Estate Investment Group set out to do something different with real estate investing.  At BACH we lower the barrier of entry to real estate by investing in real estate together as a group. Together, the group goes through a process of property analysis, property reconditioning, property purchase, property management, and investor reporting. You will be coached and guided through the entire investing process by the people who are a part of BACH. Not only does BACH have an open, welcoming environment, but it has a great return rate as well! At the time of writing this article, BACHs average return on investment rate is 20 percent! Most real estate investments have an average return rate of around 8 percent. If you decide to start investing at BACH you, along with all our other investors, have the ability to be as active or passive as you want. Therefore, you can “dip your toes in” and test the waters and see if BACH is the right place to start diversifying your portfolio. Even if you have already begun investing in real estate you can still become part of the BACH group, and further dive into real estate investing!

The BACH Community

Along with growing your portfolio by investing in BACH, you would gain some very valuable contacts and resources. BACH welcomes novice and experienced investors alike. Investing with BACH comes with the added bonus of access to a community of investors with a common goal of protecting all assets and maximizing profits! You will be working with other investors who are all willing to share knowledge and resources!  Lastly, you would gain some very valuable contacts, including Derrick Bradshaw who is one of BACHs founding group members. Investing can be a very cutthroat world, but at BACH we aim to end those notions and create an investing opportunity for people to learn and grow as investors.