BACH Real Estate Investment Group

Member Testimonials


"As a new investor, I'm impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by Bach Investments. In particular, their depth of knowledge of real estate acquisition, resource management, tenant vetting, and the legalities behind it all, make this relationship become very advantageous to me in many ways. Their focus, transparency, and attention to details make me very comfortable doing business with them."
Founder / Member
"I have known and worked with Derrick Bradshaw, one of the founding members, for nearly 20 years providing print and marketing services to several of his business entities. During this time we have developed a firm understanding of each other forming a trusted business partnership. I highly recommend Derrick as an innovator and as a wise investor who is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with. As a new investor invited to join the group, I am excited to be a part of BACH. I feel real estate investing can be intimidating and costly to get started as an individual. By joining BACH Investment Group, the financial risk can be spread out among members, easing some of that anxiety and assisting me in reaching my financial goals. I recommend finding a group comprised of people who think as you do. If BACH has the same goals that are similar to yours, this is the group for you."
Brad Simpson
"In today’s economy, many people are uncertain where to invest their money for retirement or just to make it grow. BACH, a real estate investment group, has proven to be a reliable and safe place to invest your money with consistent double-digit returns. Better yet, the ease of use of the platform makes it super simple and easy to understand what property you’re investing in and what the expected return will be each and every time!"
eric Aguado
Founder / Member
"As a founding member, the thought behind BACH began with the idea that a group could accomplish more than someone going at it alone. Over the last few years, our network of partners has expanded to include many different people in various stages of investment and in life. This has given us the ability to gain access to opportunities not available to a single individual. I have met some great friends and business partners through this amazing group. I am very excited about what the future holds."
Founder / Member
" I really like how I can spread my investment dollars between multiple properties instead of piling it all into one. The returns are very solid too."
David Ames