BACH Real Estate Investment Group

Welcome to BACH

Building Passive Income through Real Estate Investing

BACH Real Estate Investment Group is a group of partners that will locate, purchase and recondition the property then find and manage the tenants. We have an office in place that will find and manage the tenants taking care of all the details so you don’t have to.  You simply invest in a turn-key property and monitor your investment from the comfort of your own home. Members choose how active or passive of a partner they want to be. 

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Our Group of Partners Work Together to Invest in High Quality Properties at Reasonable Market Prices

BACH Real Estate Investment Group makes it easy for our partners to invest in properties by offering affordable buy-in opportunities and full real estate acquisition, renovation, and rental management services. As an investment group we avoid many of the fees assessed by other real estate investment firms. Each property is help in an LLC with an operating agreement which gives you more management control over your investments as you are a partner with BACH.

"In today’s economy, many people are uncertain where to invest their money for retirement or just to make it grow. BACH, a real estate investment group, has proven to be a reliable and safe place to invest your money with consistent double-digit returns. Better yet, the ease of use of the platform makes it super simple and easy to understand what property you’re investing in and what the expected return will be each and every time!"
Eric Aguado

How the BACH Process Works

Property Analysis

Members locate properties within an area we have an office and submit it to the group for review. Members then pledge funds as partners until the property has been funded and at which time it is purchased. The covers money to purchase and renovate the property.

Property Reconditioning

The property management will handle renovations of the property and see it to completion. Once deployed and an Operating Agreement is put in place, repairs over 700 USD require a vote. This ensures that all members are involved in complex day to day procedures.

Property Purchase

Once renovated the property is placed within a series LLC with an operating agreement signed by all parties. We provide examples of this operating agreement so new members can review them prior to joining the group. This operating agreement was drafted by members of our group and continues to change upon comments from new members.


The office has a list of tenants waiting for new properties owned by BACH. Because of the nature of how we conduct business, tenants are very eager to secure a BACH house. With this said, the office will start to contact potential tenants the moment the property is purchased and often rented days after renovation ends. Our leases are for 1 year and renew in kind.

Property Management

The cost of the office is shared among all properties with a 10% fee of rents assessed each month. The office will also follow the letter of the operating agreement which is the same on all properties unless a group of partners in a specific property wishes to vote on a change.

Investor Reporting

Right now we use google documents to handle all reporting in real time. All documents for each property are scanned and placed within a folder specific to that unit. Those partners have access to all folders of any properties they own. Cost of accounting is also shared with all properties by withholding 5% of rents. All bills are paid and yearly profits are distributed after Taxes are filed Q1 of the following year. Generally February or March of each year one can expect yearly profits to be distributed. We also have a relationship with a local accountant and we get a discounted rate to file taxes. This extends to members personal and other business returns also.