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10 Factors of A Profitable Rental Property

Owning a profitable rental property is a great way to generate income as well as grow your assets. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re investing in a property that has the potential to yield high returns. Here are 10 factors that can help make a rental property profitable and can lead you in the right direction.


Location is everything when it comes to real estate. A rental property in a desirable area will always have a higher demand and better rental rates than one in an undesirable area. Look for areas with good schools, accessibility to job centers, and a low crime rate.

Property Value

The value of the property you invest in plays a crucial role in determining your profit margins. Look for properties that offer good value for their price and have the potential for appreciation over time.

Rental Rates

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The rent you charge will ultimately determine how much profit you can make. Make sure that you’re charging a market-appropriate rate for the area and that it’s enough to cover your expenses while still leaving room for profit.

Property Taxes

Property taxes can eat into your profits, so make sure to research the tax rates in the area where you’re investing. Look for areas with low property tax rates to keep your expenses down.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a rental property can be costly, so be sure to factor in those costs when calculating your profit margins. Look for properties that aren’t in need of extensive repairs or upgrades to keep maintenance costs low.


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The financing terms you secure can greatly affect your profit margins. Look for favorable interest rates and loan terms that fit your budget.

Tenant Screening

Finding reliable and long-term tenants is essential for maintaining a profitable rental property. Screen potential tenants carefully to ensure that they have a stable income and a good rental history.

Property Management

Deciding whether to manage your rental property yourself or hire a property management company is an important consideration. Hiring a property management company can save you time and hassle, but it’s an additional expense to factor in. All Property Management for BACH is done by Quality Home Locators in Mt. Zion, IL.


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Offering amenities such as laundry facilities, parking, and an outdoor space can attract tenants and justify higher rental rates.

Market Conditions

The current real estate market conditions can greatly affect your profits. Keep an eye on market trends and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that you’re maximizing your profits.

Maintaining a rental property can get tricky, but BACH is here to help you grow as investor!

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