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3 Things to Know About Real Estate Investing and BACH

At BACH Real Estate Investment Group, we have a different approach to real estate investing than most. We invest in a group, collaborating our resources and knowledge, to find and procure good real estate investments. Below are three key parts of real estate investing we have pinpointed. We have also highlighted how BACH can help you within these areas.

1. Collaborate

When investing in real estate, it’s a great idea to find a group of likeminded investors to work with. By grouping together with other investors, you are gaining the ability to pool resources and knowledge into investments. With this collaborative partnership, the group can more easily define and identify a good or bad investment, instead of you needing to rely on your sole judgment.  This can prove to be very beneficial to you and your investing goals.

How BACH Helps You Collaborate:

At BACH, all investments are done in a group setting. By collaborating on all of our investments, we have proven to be extremely successful, with an average 20% return on current group investments. You will be able to choose which homes you would like to invest in, along with our other investors. Therefore, you can make your investment decisions based on your preference and need or look to senior investors for guidance and help. 

2. Invest Based On The Facts 

It is very easy to get emotional when you are making an investment deal. Being emotional about investments can cloud your judgment and lead to bad investment decisions. This is why it is very important for you to make investment decisions based on your  knowledge and facts known about the investment. Having others to talk through each purchase can help you keep any emotional component out of the transaction.

How BACH Helps You Know Your Numbers

At BACH you will not be investing alone. The group will be making investment decisions along with you. At BACH we have some very experienced investors who will be able to help guide you in the right direction and consequently help you avoid poor investment decisions. Since we all work together as a group, with varying levels of experience, we see a lot of good investments. We also see a lot of growth in new investors as they learn from investors with more experience. 

3. Learn the Math

Investing comes with a lot of data and decisions. By getting to know the math that comes with investing, you can avoid making bad investments. Being able to avoid bad investments is actually more important than making good investments. To be able to make a well informed decision, first you need to be able to understand all there is to know. Understanding the math behind real estate investing will not only help you make better investments, but grow your knowledge and expertise as an investor.  

How BACH Helps You With The Math

At BACH all our investors are provided an excel sheet listing all the data pertaining to available investments. This will help you be able analyze the potential investment and decide if you want to participate based on your investment criteria.  If you find yourself coming across a number you do not understand, you will have the ability to ask for help among the group. BACH aims to lower the barrier of entry to real estate and is very welcoming to new investors.