New Property/Contract Secured – Projected 12.87% 2003EROOSEVELTAVE-62521

BACH has secured a new contract this week for a property in Decatur, IL. This three bedroom, one bath property should rent for $895/month and is rent ready. The house is in great condition with new appliances in the kitchen and a fireplace in the living room. The office of Quality Home Locator fields several potential tenants daily, and is already working to secure a tenant for when we take possession of the property.

The property located at 2003 E Roosevelt Ave, Decatur, IL is being purchased for $46,000.00 with expected repairs of $10,000. Members have already started to pledge funds and secure a partnership position for this property. If you are not a member, and do know an active member, fill out the form here for a BACH member contact you for admission. Or find the link at “START HERE- Investor Questionnaire.” If you have questions about how to invest you can ready about it on our website in the “How To Invest” tab. There is also a blog post on BACH Real Estate Investment Group that explains about how BACH Investing works.