New Property/Contract Secured – Projected 13.06% Return 4245ECANTRELLST-62521

BACH has secured a new contract this week for a property in Decatur, IL. This three bedroom, one bath property should rent for $1,125/month and is rent ready with a few minor improvements. If you would like to see what the how condition is like, there is a YouTube video link here. This will show the interior and exterior condition of the property. The office of Quality Home Locator fields several potential tenants daily, and is already working to secure a tenant for when we take possession of the property.

The property located at 4245 E Cantrell St, Decatur, IL is being purchased for $40,000.00 with expected repairs of $20,000. Members have already started to pledge funds and secure a partnership position for this property. If you are not a member, and do know an active member, fill out the form here for a BACH member contact you for admission. Or find the link at “START HERE- Investor Questionnaire.” If you have questions about how to invest you can ready about it on our website in the “How To Invest” tab. There is also a blog post on BACH Real Estate Investment Group that explains about how BACH Investing works.