real estate investment 13.26% return

New Property/Contract Secured – Projected 13.26% Return 1047NDENNISAVE-62522

BACH has secured a new contract over the weekend for a property in Decatur, IL. This two bedroom property should rent for $725/month and is rent ready with a few minor improvements. The office of Quality Home Locator fields several protentional tenants daily, and is already working to secure a tenant for when we take possession of the property.

The property located at 1047 N Dennis Ave is being purchased for $35,000 with expected repairs of $4,000. Members have already started to pledge funds and secure a partnership position for this property. If you are not a member, and do know an active member, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to have a BACH member contact you for admission. As of the writing of this article $31,000 has already been pledged leaving $8000, or about 20% remaining on this new property/company.

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