BACH Pilot 21.5% Return

BACH Pilot Investment 21.5% 725S17THST-62521

When BACH Investment Group, LLC was first formed in 2019, one of its founders, Derrick Lee Bradshaw, had been doing real estate for over 20 years.  He wanted a way to share his real-estate vision with his family. So, he and Eric Aguado, (his brother-in-law), decided to brainstorm a way to make this happen. The hope was to create a structure that would allow family members to invest in a property as proof of concept.  As a result of their joint endeavor, BACH INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC 725S17THST-62521 was formed as a Limited Liability Company that would hold the property at 725 S 17th Street, their first shared property purchase. 

Process- The LLC is filed with the state of Illinois which allows us to open a checking account and prepare legal documents.    Sometimes the purchase of a property must be done quickly and when that happens it is purchased in the BACH Master account and then moved via quit claim deed once the proper LLC is set up.  All partners have access to a google drive folder that contains all the information to that specific property/company.  This deed can be located on the county website but is part of the documents stored within the appropriate folder.  

Transparency- The balance sheet of each property/company shows what we thought the property would look like regarding an investment once the property was purchased and fixed up.  We projected a 22% yearly return which did not include any funds being held for repairs.  At that time, and now, we do not set funds aside to handle repairs.  The advantage of each property being held within its very own company is that the partners of a series LLC can vote to start holding funds back for repairs if they wish.  The property was rented in Q2 of 2019 making the annualized return of 2019 closer to the projected amount of 22%.   As of the time of this writing Q4 had not been realized and our return is 19.31%.  The members at the time had a choice to raise more funds to replace an air conditioner that was old or wait for it to break hoping to get a few years out of it.  They had decided to wait it out.   This was then replaced in 2020 which is why the return was lower, 8.45%.

Since our pilot property, we have grown to 1.2 million in real estate inside the greater Decatur, IL area.  We are currently looking at two new locations for investment: Colorado and Florida.

If you have any questions or wish to speak to one of our members feel free to contact us here. Likewise, if you are interested in joining our group you can submit request for admission to the group here. One of our members will be in contact with you.